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What are ants?

What are ants?

Ants live in colonies and are social insects. Plans to treat ants always include killing the whole entire colony, because if you do not do so, they will just come back. Spray ants with any typical sprays does not get rid of them because they always come back. You never end up killing all of them, just a few. There are over 700 different species of ants in the United States.

The major types of indoor ants are:

Carpenter Ants
Carpenter ants are reddish black. They are very common in cool, damp climates. They build outdoor nests in wood sources and usually enter homes through damaged wood, cracks around your doors and windows or sometimes holes in structures that were meant for wires.

They sometimes also crawl along tree limbs or shrubs which touch a structure above the ground. Carpenter ants can cause property damage to your home which can become severe. The cost and damage depends on the number of nests inside your home and how long they have been there for.

Crazy Ants
Crazy ants are dark brown/black in color with a little bit of gray. Crazy ants adapt to dry and wet habitats. They enter homes during the fall or after it rains because their is a reduced supply of honeydew for them which is what their main source of food is. They usually keep their nests under the floors and carpeting. Outside they are under the soil and objects near foundations. They don’t pose any threats to your health, but they are annoying pests once in your home.

Odorous House Ants

Odorous house ants are dark brown/black. They are found all over the United States. They live for a couple of years and live in soil which is exposed. They keep their nests in cracks through the walls and underneath the floors inside houses. They do not give any health risks or cause any damage to your home. They do however contaminate food. They smell like rotten coconuts when crushed.

Pavement Ants
Pavement ants are dark brown/black. They are also found in the United States all over.
They make nests underneath the cracks in pavement which is how they got their name. They also enter into holes in concrete. They do not pose any threats to your health, but they do contaminate food.

Red Imported Fire Ants
Fire ants are dark red/brown. They can be found in the South starting from Maryland all the way to Texas. They build their nests outside in landscape areas or by structured foundations. They enter homes through holes/cracks on the outside of your home. They leave painful stings when their nests become disturbed. If you are allergic to insect stings you will react badly to this. They usually leave a raised welt which becomes a white pustule.

Ants will enter into your home looking for food or shelter. When you are able to understand the behavior of the ants then you will be able to figure out the best pest control procedures. They enter through small openings in your home looking for water or food. They like sweet based food or protein/grease based foods. They leave trails for other ants to follow.

Ants that are inside your house tend to be a seasonal or year round issue. A lot of different types of ants build their nests outdoors and start to become a pest once they look for food in your house. After ants find a good food source they come into your home and collect their food to take it back to their outdoor colony. There are other species of ants which will enter into your home and build their nests inside and become indoor residents permanently.

Common ant species include: pavement ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants, their ants, acrobat ants and pharaoh ants. They are hard to control. The most difficult indoor ant to control is the pharaoh ant. These ants are mostly just a problem during warm weather.

Indoor ants can be found near sources of food, water and in places such as wall voids, under appliances, behind the window frames, and underneath floors. Ants like to live close to people and eat some of the same things that we do meaning they are commensal pests such as sweet foods, starches, meats, and liquids.

Why to hire an exterminator to get rid of ants?

When doing ant pest control extermination in your home it is best to hire a professional company such as Delmar Termite & Pest Control with experience and expertise to get rid of your ants effectively. Using methods such as do-it-yourself’s for indoor ants is usually very challenging because the average homeowners often get frustrated and fail in exterminating ants. Since ants can be hard to exterminate it is always best to seek an expert to terminate them for you.

What are termites?

What are termites?

There are many different types of termites. One type of termites is subterranean termites which are insects that feed on wood. Two other types are the worker and swarmer. Worker termites are cream colored and 3-4 mm long. They are seen when infested wood is broken open or a mud foraging tube is broken. Swarmers are the reproductive cast of the termite colony and they are 4 mm long and black or dark brown and sometimes have wings.

Subterranean termite workers can be found year-round, though swarmers are usually encountered between the months of March through April in Texas. Swarming flights of the most common Texas species, the eastern subterranean termite, usually take place during daylight hours.

When there are termites present in your home you usually need a professional to come in to prevent further damage to the home.

Over at Delmar Termite and Pest Control we get rid of your termites and keep them gone. Termites are really annoying and we make sure that they don’t come back. Delmar Termite and pest Control offers total and complete pest control services.

We promise to treat your home as if it were our own families and ensure that we terminate all the termites in your home.

Why to hire an exterminator to get rid of termites

Over at Delmar Pest Control we use only products which are safe to be around pets and children. We know that pests are one of the last things you want in your house. Our exterminators act quickly to keep your home safe and clean. No job is too small for Delmar Pest Control.

You should hire an exterminator to get rid of termites so that you can rest assured that there are no termites destroying your home. Hiring a pest control exterminator may cost less in the long run then doing it yourself because all of the treatments including: sprays, dusts, and baits add up to being more then the cost of having a visit from an exterminator.

Professional exterminators are trained to use chemical pesticides safely. If these pesticides are  applied or stored improperly they can cause ill health effects and death may even occur. The pesticides used by exterminators are much more effective and powerful then over the counter products that you would use at home.

Professional products used by exterminators last longer and provide added protection for 6 weeks to 5 years depending on what pesticides are used. Exterminators can effectively identify  the pests that have entered your home and plan a treatment which will get rid of them for good. We can tell which specific species of termites are in your home and treat them properly.

Our exterminators at Delmar Termite & Pest Control wear protective clothing that prevent pests from coming into close contact with them. A homeowner is always going to be more safe allowing a professional to take care of the job for them.

We provide an effective guarantee that we will keep your house free of pests for at least 30 days. Our pest control specialists carry a special insurance to keep you covered incase any damage is done to your home with harmful chemicals. Using a pest control exterminator will save you time, effort, and money.

At home treatments including: applying liquid insecticides, placing baits, and setting traps are all very time consuming. It will take you a lot less energy to let a professional pest control exterminator at Delmar Termite & Pest Control to take care of things for you.

Delmar Termite & Pest Control provides you with their identification, license, and current certification. Pretty much every state requires that the technicians are certified, and they are also required to complete annual training to keep their license up to date.

Our company is bonded and insured. This is important to protect your property and protect you against liability. Our technicians are knowledgeable and can answer all of your pest control exterminator questions. We do not give wrong or made up answers to anyone. Our technicians are always very professional. We have lots of references, just ask! Our company promises to give you competitive pricing so that you don’t need to call a bunch of companies before getting your work done.

We sign a contract so that you know what you are getting. We talk to our customers about exactly what the problem is and ask probing questions to make sure we solve all of your problems! We usually use chemicals to treat the pests, but we make sure they are safe for children and pets. We provide guaranteed satisfaction and guaranteed low prices every time for all of our services!

Tired of living with termites? Want to get rid of your pests? Need a safe environment for your family. Well then give Delmar Termite & Pest Control a call today: 1-800-200-5441 for a free estimate!

How to get rid of bedbugs?

How to get rid of bedbugs?

In order to prevent bed bug infestations it is important to inspect used furniture, particular for your bedroom including bed frames and mattresses before you bring them into your home. Mattresses are at the greatest risk to harbor bedbugs and their eggs. Before obtaining used furniture, especially beds or those with fabric, make sure that you are aware of this risk. Make sure to never bring discarded bed frames, mattresses, box springs or upholstered furniture into your home that has not been inspected. This is one of the leading causes of bedbug infestations.

The common bed bug is visible to the naked eye. But since they are sometimes difficult to see we recommend using a magnifying glass. Adult bed bugs are brown, reddish-brown, oval, flattened and about half an inch long. Since they are flat they can hide in different cracks and crevices. Many times they are found in dark, isolated and protected areas of your home.

The female bedbug lays eggs in crevices along the edges of mattresses, box springs and bed frames. They also will infest crevices throughout infested rooms. They also may hide in upholstery, chairs, sofas and are not restricted to just your bed.

How to get rid of bedbugs in Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland?

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