Prevent the damage termites cause to wood structures

Termites cause more than a billion dollars in damage to American homes every year. A full blown colony of termites can eat several pounds of wood in your home every week. Most people don't know they have termites until extensive damage is done.

Termites can cause extreme damage to the structure of a building if the building is not inspected, managed or treated by quailfied termite control professionals.

Termites divide their work among specialized members. Worker termites do most of the damage, but chances are you will never see a worker termite. You may however see a "swarmer" or "alate". These termites travel and start new colonies.

Protect your property by setting up a complimentary termite inspection. Call Delmar at 1-800-200-5441 today.

Termite Inspections

Annual termite inspections are essential so that we are able to detect the early signs of termite activity. This will help prevent the potential for large scale termite damages and any expensive repairs. If you think that there might be termite in your home or business or are looking for preventative treatments, give Delmar a call for a free termite inspection at 1-800-200-5441.

Termites are attracted to moisture. It is best to keep gutters clean and divert water away from your foundation with downspouts. Termites tunnel through soil and leave a chemical trail for more termites to follow. They feed 24 hours a day.

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