Mice, Rats and Squirrels cause damage and disease

Mice are the most common rodent. They are small, nocturnal animals. Their bodies rarely exceed two inches long and one ounce in weight. They are usually grey in color, but some may appear darker. Mice are capable of jumping approximately 12″ vertical and can climb almost any verticle surface. Mice have poor eye sight. They use their long whiskers as sensors, as well as their sense of smell and sound. Mice will usually nest in insulation in attics or in stoves and under refrigerators. They will not travel far from their nest. A mouse will usually eat anything a human will eat, as well as cardboard, insulation, and sheet rock. Mice are known to spread diseases such as dermatitis, dysentery, meningitis, rabies, and spotted fever, as well as many others.

Other rodents like Rats and Squirrels, because of their size, can cause greater damage to your property and spread the same diseases as mice.

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